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10 unusual ideas for a first date in toronto
By Leon   15 Apr

Unusual ideas for a first date in Toronto are for people who are sick of the old razzle dazzle of the wine-and-dine. These activities will definitely get the conversation flowing between you and your date, and maybe you'll both even realize you've found the perfect couples hobby.

Here are my picks for unusual date ideas in Toronto.

Take an indoor archery lesson

The Archer's Arena on Sheppard West provides basic archery training in case you and your date are noobs with a bow and arrow. If both of you already have some bullseyes under your belt, there's also archery tag  that will pit you against each other, Hunger Games-style.

Make your own bubble tea from scratch

Customize your own bubble tea exactly how you like it at Labothery by Yonge and College. Learn about each others' taste and preferences: is your date more of a tapioca person or do they prefer the popping pearls? Very important to know.

Try go kart racing

Now that Toronto has a brand new race track near Downsview Park, you can get the endorphins going by zipping 45 miles per hour around K1 Speed's windy track.

Go to a cat cafe

We all know the world is divided into two types of folks: those who are cat people and those who hate them with a passion. If neither of you are the latter, why not make a friendly feline your third wheel at Meow Cat Cafe on Mount Pleasant.

Take them on a trivia night

There's no shortage of trivia nights in the city throughout the week, and luckily for you, there's no better way to get to know your date than to see how emotionally invested they get during Simpsons trivia.

Study human skulls

If you and your S.O. have a penchant for the macabre, book an appointment at the SkullStore Oddity Shop in Weston-Mount Dennis. Observe mummified hands and skulls plus a wide array of wild animal skeletons to satisfy the most morbid curiosities.

Take a knitting workshop

There's nothing sexier than someone who's good with their hands. Why not put those dextrous fingers to a test with a knitting 101 at The Knit Cafe on Roncesvalles. Knit some socks so that if things go downhill, at least you'll have a pair of misshapen footsies to remember them by.

Rage out together in a Rage Room

They say you don't really know somebody until you've seen them angry, so why not skip all the niceties and go straight to the good stuff? The Rage Room lets you book a room for two in a date night special for $70 that comes with 28 items and 2 electronics to smash – worth it.

Go for a coffee tasting

Indulge in your love for caffeine and head to Pilot Coffee Roaster's tasting bar on Wagstaff Road, where they offer tasting flights of different brews. They also have cocktails mixed with espressos, combining the best of both worlds. If the date is going well grab some pints next-door in the tap room at Left Field.

Peruse rare books at the library

This may be a bookworm's dream date: head to U of T's beautiful Thomas Fisher Rare Book library, where you and your date can spend hours flipping through old catalogues in this regal building.

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